Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Yew plank giant spoon rack.

Normally my spoons just go on a table at shows and demos, but space is running out now there's a load more shapes to choose from. 

I had this section of damaged milled timber saved for making a bow, but there was lots of twisting in the sap wood and a lot of grain to chase, so I finally made my mind up and turned it into something useful :)

All done with hand tools, It'll sit on top of a wooden trestle table, and I might make another one to sit on this one yet for my decorated spoons. There should be some room for the kuksas, bowls, and bark containers too, although it seems a shame to cover up the grain. I just love Yew wood.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Spoon give away!

Well I think its high time for a give away. The shop is bursting with spoons and there's a few new shapes in there too. Also the facebook page has well over 1000 likes so its only fair we have some fun. I'd also like to tie in a little research.

If you would like to enter, leave a comment here about which is your favourite spoon in the SHOP, and if coming from Facebook, please share the give away post. Then I'll draw the winner at random at 21:00 hrs. BST on Tuesday 14th July, and they'll get the spoon they said they liked.

Maybe its the way it looks, or the spoon you think you would find most useful to you or someone you know. I try to trim down and keep things simple so if a shape is starting to loose interest, then it might need a tweak or change, hence the type of give away.

I like making the jar spoons and scoops the best at the moment, but it changes every time I sit down to make a batch of spoons.

All the best,

Paul Adamson.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

New spoons for sale

I've been carving a lot of Cherry recently, so I decided to add a few new shapes and up the stock levels in the web shop.

Hope you like the work and if you have a gift in mind for someone, then I'd be happy to help you out :)

Shop link

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Blogging, fb, and what Ive been up to.

Hello folks, Its been a busy few months and a long time since a new blog enty.

Before I waffle on about what Ive been doing, are there preferences to what I could blog about? Ive been using Facebook recently due to being short on time and it being so easy to share comments with people, but is there still an interest on blog sites? I like them for their permanence as things get lost on timelines and within fb groups. Just interested on your thoughts.

I'm currently studying a Practical Ethnobotany course with the Woodcraft School in West Sussex UK. Its a brilliant course which will keep me busy until November. All things craft, food and medicinal with native and naturalised plants are covered, with assessments along the way.

In-between visits down south, there is Arboriculture, the family and teaching keeping me busy busy, along with a few crafts to make for the shop and public demonstrations (and fun).

Highlights so far this year have been running Spoon carving, Bowl carving and Barkcraft courses, with a few shorter demonstrations and workshops too. All have gone really well and Ive met some great folks along the way. Thanks for all that attended and worked so hard.

Ive been making lots of spoons, and trying out several new designs. Smaller spoons have been grabbing my attention of late, with Teaspoons, Scoops, baby/toddler spoons, and Tea caddies made with Jar spoons and servers taking up the bigger spaces on the boxes.

But Barkcraft, has been my favourite thing lately and the buzz I'm getting off students is amazing. There shall be much more of this to come in future posts.

Hope you liked the update, and let me know what you think. Feel free to comment a little about your interests, and thoughts on social media. 

Cheers, Paul.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

More decorated spoons

Milk paint has gotten a hold of me. Nothings safe now!

I chip carved some more spoons recently, so I added a splash of paint and oil to jazz them up a little.
I only used a frosts 106 carving knife for all the carving and decoration work. They work so well. I have a chip carving knife I made from an old penknife but I just go with the frosts as it so easy.

Most are Sami inspired with a few doodles from looking at things that were lying around the room at the time.

Latest carved bowls

Back into bowl carving at the mo, and these below are to help the students on next years courses understand them a little better.

First up is an up-swept Oak bowl. This was hard work on the hands and tools, but I'm so glad I finished it. I love the grain and colour.

Next is a flat topped Birch bowl, painted with homemade milk paint containing Ochre pigments.

I also finished it with some homemade wax (beeswax and linseed oil blend)

Then I decided to go down the figure carving route, my first foray into this addictive world!
This is supposed to be a Moorhen :) and its made from Birch again with milk paint. These chaps, the Coots and Dapchicks were constantly swimming past during  the last spoon demonstration, so I went with one of these instead of the other ducks.

Makers mark on the bowl bottoms

I'm really pleased with these and its inspired me to make many more. 
I hope the students next year feel the same.

End of season event rush

Its been a busy last few months with demonstrations and short courses. Things are calming down a little now which means its carving time! More on that in the next blog entry.

In September I was asked to step in last minute for the folks at the Basecamp festival in Derbyshire, on an excellent site. The folks there organising and visiting the weekends festival were a very welcoming bunch and Myself and Chad had a wonderful time teaching firelighting.

Up next was the annual Bushcraft day at Elvaston Castle Country Park. A day rammed with as much bushcraft as possible. Next year this will be an overnight course too, allowing the students a chance to sleep in their shelters.

Then we had another regular event, The Woodland Festival held at the same site. This well established event is one of the best for watching and taking part in traditional woodland crafts, with the top craftspeople in the UK. I really enjoy this one!

and the last two events were an Autumn forage in October for wild food and other materials needed for living in the woods, followed in early November by another weekend spoon carving demonstration along a canal side workshop open day.

Oh, and My Daughter and I had a wild camp out in a very nice woodland just before it turned cold and wet. Loads of Owls hooting and foxes barking through the night. We also saw the Badgers scuffling about near camp.

All in all a very enjoyable end to the main season. I've concentrated on carving again recently in preparation for some new courses coming up soon. Keep an eye out on the main website and on here as I eventually update things. Once that's sorted, its back to more studying of wild food and tracking as they are endless subjects to learn about.