Monday, 28 March 2011

Swedish Fast Knife

After watching Fredde's cool video a couple of years ago, I finally got round to getting one made.

Most of it was done in the woods, but I wanted to peen over the tang end so it went though all the handle, so I used the Hammer at home. I also needed more bark as the only stuff I could get in this wood was old and semi decayed, so used some that I had previously gathered from a different woodland after some thinning work.

All the birch wood gathered and carved out for the tang and blade edge, and some of the birch bark.
The blade is a Lauri carbon 95 from Brisa in Finland.

Mines a bit rustic but I like that. It seems very strong and I love bark sheaths more every time I make one. This sheath was harder than the Elm one I made as its difficult to get long pieces of birch bark with out holes in them or splitting badly. So this one was several pieces with the linen thread to help secure and make the perfect fit around the handle. It was the sheath I probably put more thought into, but once I started it only took about 20 minutes after making the wooden liner.

Tricky to get the fit right on the bolster area due to the shape of the blade, but it's good and strong.

Peened tang

I'm real chuffed I pulled it off, and I'm getting more into rustic knives and sheaths now :)
 They seem more honest and traditional somehow, and much easier to make.