Sunday, 20 March 2011

A day of quick crafts in the garden

It was a nice day yesterday but the wife was busy with friends, and that only meant one thing for me and my daughter, a day of messing about in the garden! Ive left my gardening days behind me though as I used to do it for a living, so as it was kept in check last weekend, we set too fixing things.

We have a swing in the garden but Rowan wanted one in a tree as a kind of swinging seat, so I used a log off the wood pile, flattened it of some, got out the bit and brace and 10 minutes later up it went. Used some sisal rope that has been lying around for a while.

Then we fixed a stool I made for her a few years ago, a leg had been broken so drilled out and replaced.

Then I made a start on a sweet chestnut bread board for cooking bannock next to the fire.

Hope to have it finished and making bread soon

And lastly, a new Oak bearing block with a limpet shell seated within to reduce friction on the spindle top when holding repeated friction fire lighting demos.

Of course there was the usual mud pies, bug hunting, skipping, bikes and scooters. Quite a busy old day!