Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A misty march day in the trees

Yesterday I was able to do some practical tree work, keeping up some skills and clearing the mind a little from report writing.
First off a climbing inspection of  a large Lime, then deadwooding a pair of large Sweet Chestnuts either side of a track. After that clearing a fallen Birch that had failed into another tree due to Birch Polypore -Piptoporous betulinus.

The site is Shipley Country Park, and this area is known as shipley hill, which has the more established trees/woodland. Its a nice spot, with daffs coming up at the mo

As well as snowdrops

One of the chestnuts, note the cut off ends up to the top of the picture. We removed the danger to the public but left some deadwood for habitat.

Going up!

A grumpy looking Birch

One of the Large Beech I felled in 2005, someones put a nice carving on it since.

And a nice peice of Sweet Chestnut saved for making a bowl. Ive got to make an Adze first though! Have to crank up the forge again.

Was a nice day, but aching a bit now. Im either old, unfit or both. Still.. climbing trees is good fun

Addo :)