Monday, 7 March 2011

Simple Forged bushcraft knife - Part one

This is my latest and probably last project for a while, I've a Son due in May so there's loads to do at home.
Had a play in the forge again with stick tangs using car spring coils and I really like the dimensions and shape on this one. This will be my standard shape to reproduce when I'm back at it again.
The shape begged a simple handle shape and design, so going with the recycling scheme I went with cutting up an old pewter tankard for the bolster and future spacers. A section of fibre liner and a cracking peice of Birch Burr from the woods.

Lighting the forge

Cut out section of Spring steel.

In it goes

Straightening the piece

Flattening to thickness 3.5 mm

Forming the Tang

Cutting to length and starting to shape the tip.

A tickle with the files, a heat treat and clean up.

Hope you like, Handle in Part two. 

Cheers, Addo :)