Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Simple Forged bushcraft knife - Part Two.

I finally had some time to finish the handle and take some pictures. I thought for ages about shape, spacer types, layout, fancy curves and the like, and to be honest I find the most comfy shape and appealing design is the barrel shape, with no guards to get in the way, a nice piece of local birch burr, and some pewter just for a little lift.
I was going to copy the Mora 510, then others I've seen but I couldn't see the point as.. well, its copying and they arn't as comfy! Because its for me, as long as the wood looks nice and I enjoy using it I'm a happy chap :)

Salvaged parts, Pewter Tankard for the bolster (always made my ale taste bad and it was free anyhow)

Bolster sandwich made with fibre liner in the middle for a change, the wood and blade ready for the fit.

Starting to shape

Rasp, knife and abrasive paper with Grape seed oil and Natural Wax to finish.

Hope its been of interest showing some of the processes of a basic knife build. Its funny, but after making all the others I think this ones my favourite. Maybe simple things suit simple minds ! 

I reckon I can finally call this one MY knife and thank all the inspiration from other makers out there, and especially Julius Pettersson, featured in the Sweden episode of Ray Mears TV series of "Bushcraft"

I'll start the sheath soon, probably an all leather one with a handmade wooden liner, and a friction fit leather belt loop...we'll see. 

Thanks for looking,

Cheers, Addo :)