Sunday, 13 March 2011

Simple Forged bushcraft knife - Part Three

Just Finished the Scandi sheath for this knife now. I'm glad I went with it as I've only made one like this before but it didn't have the wood liner for the blade inside. These help to stop the blade cutting the thinner, closely fitted leather. The stitching runs down the middle of the rear to make a clean front, often used for decorations, but I quite like the simple look. The belt loop is held into the sheath by friction, cutting the six holes and feeding in the forked tongue shaped section of the loop in, and flattening the sections together while wet.

I carved out a a section of Ash to fit the blade, then fitted a cover of Birch as I was running low on seasoned Ash, and shaped it it to fit inside the sheath.

All ready to start stitching

All done!

My favourite project so far, and a nice one to end on before the break. I've another knife that I've been working on at the same time for a customer which is finished too. I'll post up later on. Hope you enjoyed the 3 parts :)