Monday, 21 March 2011

A trip out in March

Had a few hrs off today so headed up to a favourite spot to practice some skills and chill out by the fire.

Main tasks were Fire by friction, birch tree tap, cooking and making a knife in the woods.

I gathered a tinder ball on the walk in using soft native grasses and bracken mixed with birch leaves, and stored it in my trouser pocket to dry out for a while. Gathered all the kindling and fuel, then set to with the bow.
Ive bought a set along (cheating I know!) that I wanted to try out. I made a collapsible bow using two pieces of hazel and a copper tube section, a bearing block with a limpet shell set in, and lime for the spindle and hearth.

Looks like a coal smoking there, with the fine weather and a dry set, it was as easy as using a match. I Used the third hole along as the other two were messing around the other day using different spindles.

Brew time!

Then snap time, sausage and tomato kebabs and coriander and cumin bannock made on my newly carved bread board.

Omm nom nom

Then to try out my new collapsible mini birch tap set

Managed to get a seasonal drinky while there today

Off to find the handle and sheath wood for my "Swedish fast knife"
This looks suitable.

All the coring out finished ready for glueing, adding the whipping knots,and making the bark sheath top. 
The wood was damp all the way though although dead and it was time to go home, so I'm drying out first so that the glue will work better, then I'll nip back to the woods to finish off.

Hope you liked the post, Cheers,

Addo :)