Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The makings of a stool

Manage to have a proper play on a pole lathe today, well one with a bungee cord.

I've had the odd 10 mins trying out the tools before but never really made anything, so I tried to make a stool leg to a particular size then thought I'd make a set to try some consistency. There a bit rough round the edges and after seasoning I might finish the edges and tenons with a knife, but I rather like them.

They're made from Ash that my mate and I felled last week, and it was split with a froe, axed to a rough round and finished on the shave horse using a Ray Iles Draw Knife.

I picked up an Adze the other day so I'm going to make a seat for it out of something nice, and scoop out some cheek sized parts, for a bit of bottom comfort.