Saturday, 4 June 2011

Enzo Trapper 01 Cherry plum and black liners.

If you want a great Bushcraft knife on a budget and have some basic skills I seriously recommend one of these blades from Brisa in Finland, some wood of your choice and a little bit of brass.

This cost less than £40 in bits.

I wanted to put some effort into it and in my stash of nice woods that i've saved from tree surgery work, I had some Cherry Plum wood that was still green. It made it easier to work with the hand tools but a pain to dry out without checking and twisting.

Sawn block and preparing two flat planes, ready for sawing in two.

Glued up and rasping to shape.

Some abrasive paper and a bit of graft and...

Early days as it needs longer in the grapeseed oil, a cure, then a beeswax polish, so it should look better and be stabilised then.

I'm glad I used the vulcanised liners, I normally use leather or bark, but these do look great and are easier to sand flat.

Hope you like.