Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Forest Schools Campfire cooking demonstration.

Last week I was invited to help out on a demo for people interested in or already involved with forest schools, and wanting some ideas to pass on in sessions.

Seven separate fires were lit and maintained, with a brick oven made, two homemade gas bottle stoves, a tripod, a range, home made fire pit, and a cheap BBQ. Managed to grab a few pics before the guests arrived.

That Muuricca singed the first bannock so we cooked another sweet one as it cooled some which worked a treat, managed a Calzoni with the last of the flour, cheese and toms. Looks a little lost on the pan but was very yummy :)

Food was vegi but far from boring, we made from scratch pizza's, various bannocks, cheese scones, popcorn, soup, and my favourite.. Peach cobbler.

A great day and a success, more so as the rain held off.
 I managed to squeeze in a Fire by friction Demo too that went down well. Still get a buzz doing these, and a lady had a go and managed an ember with a little help.