Saturday, 11 June 2011

Little Yew Bow

I had a stave I saved from a hedgerow restoration several years ago, and decided to finally try making a bow. I've never made one or had any instruction, but have a few magazine articles so collected the info together and gave it a whirl.
Problem was, it's sapwood was twisted at one end so chasing the grain was a tad awkward, and there was a nasty knot there too, so I cut it shorter and it ended up 4.5'. I was going to give up but thought that shorter bows are good enough for bushmen so why not carry on. I learnt quite a bit doing it through trail and error and look forward to trying out a few arrows once Ive bought or made some.

I've a Flemish string to make out of linen thread next time I'm out for a walk as I thought I't be something to do in the woods, then have a practice against some targets.

Most of the Axe work completed, and onto the shave horse

Chase that grain!

Tillering - I took a little too much off the upper limb just over 1/3 rd up from the grip. I think I'll live with it for now till I've measured the draw weight. I't feels very strong or I'm not in bow shape yet! Just need some arrows now. The string is a temporary paracord one.

Gave it a sand and oil. Up to now after cutting the stave length ways with a chainsaw, Ive just used the Axe, draw knife, carving knife, and a round file for the nocks, but could of managed with the knife again.

Looking forward to testing, and I will definitely be making others. I think a 6' Ash one out of greenwood next then another full length Yew Longbow.

Addo :)