Sunday, 24 July 2011

Badger watching and sore hands!

On Friday evening I set out up to the badger set in the woods to sit and watch through the evening.
Along the path leading to the site, I reached the section that I knew I would have to start acting quietly and add on some warm layers after the walk up. I had no sooner stopped when I heard some scampering about coming towards me. Low and behold it was a badger running up the path that stopped a few yards in front of me, sniffed the ground and came a bit closer, then looked up got a good wiff of me as the wind was unfortunately behind me, and promptly legged it.

I thought that would be it for the night and that I would have scarred them for the evening, but 30 seconds later two more did exactly the same thing. i can only assume they were youngsters out playing. Brilliant to see them so close though, and I wouldn't have expected to see then on this path.

After this I very carefully found my spot further into the wood, and sat against my tree. 10 minutes later one then two very cautious badgers were feeding near the entrance to the set, their eyes shining with the last of the light.
A great night.

The sore hands....well I'm practising Hand drill again and I've bruised them working against a lime board. Going out to hunt for some clematis and if unsuccessful I'll dig out some Willow from the woodpile. The drills are Elder and seem to have good dimensions and are nice and straight. I collected them over a year a go and dryed them in the sun last and this summer.

Managed some successful bow drills though using different kits, lit a fire and cooked up some dandelion roots to add to my rice and bacon for dinner. They are lovely cooked in the embers/ash and also chopped up and boiled with the rice.

Looking forward to a minimal kit camp out in a week or two, making shelter, clean water, fire and food.