Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Making a Bush Bow

Around a month ago I took an axe, saw, and knife into the woods to make a bow from a green Ash sapling. I found the 6' sapling quite quickly and set to removing the wood on the belly side leaving the bark and sapwood on the back. I've been seasoning it since at home although it was firing straight away at a half draw quite well. Initially in the shade outside, then the sun, then behind glass. I guess the best way to describe it is a flat long bow.

Strung up with paracord its now pulling to full draw and firing garden canes with some good force, and feels flexible and strong.

Just need to measure the draw weight which must be around 45lb and finish the hazel arrows I gathered from a tree in the same woods. Then get practising on some targets!
The previous ash stave I split with wedges has been roughed out and I'll finish it when fully seasoned the slow way, but if this bush made bow works OK then I probably wont need to.

Axing out the belly

Knife work complete

Nocks carved

Hazel arrows gathered

EDIT - After finally finishing some arrows and a few other primitive weapons, I took this bow for a play in the woods where it was made.