Monday, 19 September 2011


Its been a very busy 2 weeks.

I led 3 guided walks for the scouts, cubs, brownies, and members of the public finding all things bushy to talk about and demonstrate along the way with a camp site set up to finish with a fire by Friction demonstration and then letting folks have a go with the set and other methods of firelighting.We all made several natural cordage bracelets each and my supply of cattail fibres is seriously depleted now.
After the Chatsworth show and the walks I just got my breath back and then helped set up and demonstrate at the Elvaston Castle woodland festival. One of the best shows going and the public and staff all had a great time by the sounds of the comments after chatting away to folks over the 2 days.

Myself and my good pal Adrian, made the trees safe in the areas around the demonstrators beforehand by climbing the large mature Ash, Beech, and Oak trees and pruning out the dangerous sections to prevent any unwanted failures while trying to be aware of the local wildlife and habitats.

It's great to be really busy again, and Ive met so many nice people along the way.

Ive not had chance to take any pictures but plenty of others have so I'll round a few up and post them in a day or two.

Wild food walk to lead this coming Sunday at Shipley country park and then some free weekends to catch up with family life and maybe some knife-making if I'm lucky.