Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Firesteel tinder practice and paracord fun.

Been practising a few modern skills today for a change.

Firstly firesteel practice with man made tinders which were :-

Cotton wool and petroleum jelly.
Trioxane fuel tab.
Wire wool with t-cut (color restorer for car paint)
Cardboard/wax in a tin.
Jute twine.

Got the first four lit at the same time, then later on finally found the twine and set that ablaze. I must say the wire wool and t-cut went up with quite some vigour and stayed lit for a long time, with only a spot of the product. Handy things to know if you want to rely on these sorts of tinders prepared in your kit.
The cardboard and candlewax tin (shoe polish type) fits in the crusader cooker to replace the greenheat as an almost free alternative thats reuseable using the lid to snuff out, for several brews. It is a sooty fuel though.

Then thought I'd make a cobra type paracord lanyard for my keys. Quite enjoyed this one and got the folks at work making them at dinner time too.