Thursday, 8 September 2011

Working at Chatsworth Country Fair 2011

I was at Chatsworth promoting the upcoming woodland festival at Elvaston Castle and the work that the Countryside service at DCC do. There was general info kids activities with willow star making and a few of us wood turning and wood carving. The shelters worked really well and we let folks have a go on the lathe which proved popular with all types of people.

My little somerset shelter was just right for my spoon and kuksa carving demo with a few simple tools and sharpening gear which folks also seemed to like to talk about.

Hard work but good fun, the red bull aeroplane display, red arrows and skydivers were all in the sky above too. One of the best parts were all the hot air ballons taking off around 08 :00 in the morning. Shame I didnt get any shots of those. One nearly landed on my landy!