Saturday, 29 October 2011

A quick overnighter

I decided a night out in the woods was in order last night, so I packed a simple amount of modern kit and headed out after work.
No camera but I had the phone in case of a problem, so I'm afraid the pictures are from that this time.

By the time all was sorted at home it was dropping dark, and I arrived to my campsite in darkness, but i like to mix things up from time to time and I set to putting up the camp. Tarp up, it was time to look for fire lighting materials and main fuel. I collected the various sized kindling needed - matchstick thick, pencil, and thumb and arranged with some pine needles underneath and fired her up with a match.

All that was needed were some sausages, homemade flat breads and a brew.

Then just settle down for the night just keeping warm as it had dropped colder than of late

I slept better than I have been at home recently and I woke up to this...

Time to brew up, so I lit the fire using the amadou I made recently and the fire dogs, with a few birch twigs to encourage flame.

Then after Tea and Porridge, time to strike camp and head on home.