Friday, 4 November 2011

Cobbling Boots

The soles on my trusty old Lowa military boots had finally had it but the rest of the boot was perfectly fine.
I whipped off the old soles with the help of a knife thinking it would be easy to find a chap to re-sole them. Boy was I mistaken, try finding a cobbler that will fix the most basic and worn out item on footware, also try finding soles that you can attach yourself!

After much searching I found a chap on ebay selling all the parts needed for sorting my boot problem, although the glue was not all that it promised to be.

Then I thought nail the fellows on, but how to do this? Luckily I remembered seeing a device in a retired Victorian working  museum as part of a shoe makers shop. I managed to borrow the tool today and promptly tacked on the soles. Just need some tidying up of the last section in the middle with some leather, and a final trim of the edges and they should be good to go for a few more years.