Friday, 6 January 2012


I've just finished a few items, and theres a few more projects on the go around the place. Rather than posting on each item I thought I'd cram in a few onto one post.

Dough/fruit bowl (Ash), serving spoon(Birch), spatula(Hazel), and two kuksas(Birch and Ash). 

I made full use of the bowl mate I made and tryed out an Adze too. I think I still might treat myself to a smaller Carlson Adze though when funds allow, as the one I've been trying from Ox Head is good, but a little large and not quite curved enough for kuksa.

Last off Ive almost finished a sweet chestnut bread board, using the Axe, knife and saw. Really pleased with splittling off a peice this thin and uniformly thick with just the camping hatchet and batton. I love that smell of the wood too.

Hope you like : )