Thursday, 16 February 2012

Polish lavvu in the snow with the AT-AT Stove

Two years ago a friend and I got together and designed a stove made using a small ammunition box

Its been a while since I last took this set up camping, so I thought it only proper while there was some snow on the deck to have a play, and try a few experiments with the stove.
The heat from this little ammo box stove is just right when up to temp and closed down for a slow burn of 3 hrs on quite a small amount of wood. The pile you see in the pictures to the side would have lasted over two more burns if I burnt it all. I used well seasoned Beech and Oak.

Im very pleased with my flue kit which is all made from scrap and works very well. Scafold pipe, paint tin lid, coffee container and scray can.

Cowboy coffee and hot chocolate were made in the small billy on top with no effort at all, so I reckon this will be a winner in colder weather for taking out my eldest. She thought it was great having it on the back garden, and many snacks were consumed, well we didn't want to rough it now :)