Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Carved boat style bowl

Managed to get chance to do a spot of carving today in the very pleasant sunshine. I thought I'd have a go at one of these upside down type bowls which creates a nice naturally curved top.
This one is made of Ash felled a few weeks a go so my hands are feeling a tad sore now but i think it lends itself to the great grain patterns that carving this way also creates. They look like the timbers of a boat so I made a type of bow and stern to suit.

Using the Hans Karlsson small adze. I really like this tool.

Lacking a push knife, I tried a draw knife and secured the piece with sisal onto the bowl mate end. This worked very well to smooth out the axe marks and develop wall thickness. I finished the shaping with a Frosts 106

Im leaving the bark on for now as I love the way it works, but I'm thinking of eating my dinners out of it so it might have to go. It's so tempting to add a Viking style sail and try her out on a lake : )