Sunday, 4 March 2012

Spoon Carving Course March 2012

Just back from teaching a course I've been putting together for a while now. I wanted to teach beginners to use Axe, knife, and saw to make Spoons. The main focus was safe use of the tools and a spoon was a bonus so we went though various stages of techniques to remove wood by practising on other items during the morning, followed by a full spoon during the afternoon.

We had a range of folks from 16-60+ ladys and chaps all with different abilities so quite a challenging day but all went well, and met some lovely people. Graham was great assisting and keeping eyes peeled for poor technique and answering questions. 

Four of the ten students wanted to make hooks on the rear of the handles and Karina did a wonderful job. This is hers below and as with most of  the students it was the first attempt at a spoon and using an axe to carve.

Some of he students spoons...

..and some kindling to dry for the fire.

Now very happy and tired.