Friday, 13 April 2012

Back garden camp

I took my daughter camping for the night but with the weather as it was and trying out a new set up for when I take her out at night we decided to head up to the wild end of the garden. Plenty of deadwood and tinders around under the trees so apart from a raised fire all was the same as normal really.
I took the polish lavvu and a tarp for the entrance and cooking area. Sleeping bags and wool blankets kept us warm as we slept, and plenty of brews and food was consumed.

My Lad popping up for a visit.

Inside the lavvu complete with tea light powered micro UCO
This was great for light and a bit of warmth and the cheap candles from Ikea burn for 8hrs

Snug as a bug in a rug

Fire lit and spare kindling for the morning including feather stick wood.
Feather sticks, dead thin willow and matches were the method used this time.

We had sweet bannock with raisins and lots of hot chocolate during the evening with marshmallows on sticks over the coals.

Turning in

 A new fire in the morning with a quick brew up of tea while we get some embers for the sausages

Sausages were wrapped up in homemade Derbyshire Oatcakes with cheese and cooked on the grill to warm through and melt the cheese. These are the best breakfast ever, especially with smoked bacon.

Munching away

A great time was had and we are off to my permission soon to make a new debris shelter and camp out.