Friday, 6 April 2012

Homemade Crusader cooker unit and meths burner

After reading about monkey boys nice little burner he made out of a Vaseline tin and tea strainer I thought I'd have a go as I'm also fed up with paying good money for not so good gel fuel.
So I raided the loft, used a larger shoe polish tin, and popped in a tea strainer during the weekly shop. I also thought it would be a chance to made a lighter cooker unit out of aluminium. Last week I found that some "Dime bar" wild campers had left a huge fire burning till the next day without clearing a site and amongst the carnage of the night there was an aluminium mess tin full of lard left on site. I flattened it and chucked it in my pack. Then I thought it might be worth converting into a rough cooker. It works a treat and is half the weight and worth the hours work.