Friday, 6 April 2012

Snow April !

This Wed the 3rd April saw wet snow over many parts of the East midlands close to 20 inches on the higher ground, combined with constant gale force wind this also caused drifts to form over the main roads from off the adjacent fields. So I spent all day with a college dragging and digging folks out using the works landrover.
Later on near Buxton on the A515 at one point we could go no further and walked out to around 20 vehicals that were stranded and handed out food and drink and did what we could until the ploughs came. Then they got stuck! Mainly the drifts and cars were in their way.
The main thing that got things moving again was a JCB 3CX, then slowly we could clear cars. Ive never seen so many lorry's stuck though, they were everywhere on the highways, and good on them, most had stayed on one side of the road with gaps between to allow folks that could and needed to, to pass.

This was good driving visibility

My mate trying to stand up

Waiting for folks in offices to make there mind up, we got bored and the four of us walked out to the cars rather than sit around. Emergency planning on site were great.

Yours truly, this was typical of the drifts across the road. Note the dry stone wall behind.
Chainsaw trousers and waterproofs helped to keep the worst out, but I was a tad damp when I got home.

The way back and the ploughs, and gritters catching up.

Quite good fun really, but I felt sorry for the folks trapped in it for hours, and we nearly ended up joining them. I wish some of them had some idea where their towing eye bolts are and try and help more with digging themselves out. Most of this work was unnecessary as the conditions were bad when these people from the area set out on this road. Best advise for next time, stay home or bring a 4x4 with a phone, medical supplies, shovel, food, sleeping bag and flask.