Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Spoons turned on a pole lathe

A while back I made a pair of these last time I used a pole lathe, one was given away as a gift and the other i keep at home as a scoop for flour or best of all for lowering and lifting eggs, here a lovely duck egg from the farm.

I had another play recently while visiting a local chap who is much more experienced at turning than I, and after the usual garden dibber I fancied another crack at some spoons, so managed to grab some pictures of the making. These are Ash tea spoons with a generous scoop for sugar.

All you do then is split them in half. Straight spoons are the limitation unless you can do off centre turning. Its been nearly 22 years since I was doing that game on a metal lathe which has more control so I'll stick with carving cranked handles I think.

Show them a crook knife and tidy and there good to go. No sanding just the tools and wood shavings to burnish the outside.