Monday, 4 June 2012

The Bushcraft Show working pictures

Just back from a busy 4 days working at the bushcraft show.
I was helping the Rangers at Derbyshire County Council who I work with on the site, to put on Firelighting for kids, campfire cooking food samples (I mainly consumed I'm afraid!), greenwood craft and spoon carving demos. I did have most of Saturday off as a punter though, as it was my birthday, so I got a chance to chat more with the demonstrators. 
Its great seeing a site I often work at climbing and inspecting trees, being taken over by such a big interest of mine.

Lots to see and I only grabbed a few pics on Sun and Mon but here we go..

Our frontage during a very wet Sunday, but it was more interesting round back (Which was supposed to be at the front!)

My Carving demonstration set up

...and fire lighting preparation. A bit tricky in the rain with a gazebo but loads of kids loved it.

Monday Morning, much better!

Followed by brewage (Helps after a decent gig the night before ) Kipped on the deck in a Czech army bed roll. Military Mart army surplus were there, I got some blooming excellent kit from there, cheers.

Wilderness Survival Skills set up, a very interesting place and excellent demonstrations in Flint knapping and Hide working.

Gransfors knife forging demonstration. 

I got a bit carried away demoing as there was a last minute rush and I was left on my own with my kit and landy as the rest was cleared away around me 

Met some really great people so hello again, and keep in touch :)