Sunday, 12 August 2012

Hand Drill Fire

Firstly apologies for the lack of new posts, I've been rather busy of late with tree work and holidays.

After drying the newly collected Teasel and Buddlia stems from a couple of weeks ago I thought I'd have a spin with the Clematis hearth that a mate sent up from sunny Cornwall, that's been drying for 6 months by the stove.

I went straight for the Teasel as it was straighter and the right diameter after drying. The buddlia didn't look quite right so I'll practice on that one later on.

First go in months and we had smoke straight from the start and a nice build up of powder. Some grit from the floor in the notch and plenty of hand wetting for grip on the spindle produced a nice pile of dust, but no ember. So after the arms stopped aching I went for ignition with plenty of fresh energy, I think the coffee just before had kicked in : )

... and a nice ember was the result. I ran off to grab the camera with the wife wondering what was going off.

Ember popped into a tinder bundle as up it went.

Now I have a set that works really well compared to the Elder and lime I've been using, but I'm going to carry on trying new sets that are gathered locally. I think Teasel on Lime is the best bet for my area.