Thursday, 16 August 2012

Woodlore Wilderness Navigation Course

I recently attended a wilderness navigation course (never too old to learn) and snapped away with my old digital camera. I don't often go camping in the summer except on family holidays, so with the perfect weather, camp shower and days out, it certainly didn't feel like hard work. I slept the week in my tatty hammock, and I'm so glad I did. The comfort, space and functionality of this set up was like home from home. There was no roughing it here, except for the blooming mosquitoes!

Anyhow, the sun was out non stop so here's some pictures of the week.

My camp for the week

A new obsession

The clumps of trees on hill tops really help when learning map reading.

Full run of the estate

Good times chatting round the fire with brew in hand

No roughing it here

A welcome bush shelter

Night navigation

...mixed with the natural

Re-section on a grave

Stumbled across a great debris shelter

Just as when you learn about flora and fauna, gaining the vital skills of wilderness navigation really makes the countryside come alive. A great course and great company. Hope to see you guys again, cheers.