Thursday, 20 September 2012

Ash bark container

After gathering some nice clean Ash turning timber I decided to take the bark off of one section, as it was about as clean as it gets for a large piece. I wanted to make a quite a large container so that I could gather the cooking apples from the tree in the garden, as well as sloes, and other fruits when out and about foraging.

I used the Ray Mears Bushcraft Survival series two for the inspiration.

I just need to neaten up this end section when a little dryer as it has a tendency to be weak when still green.

Ash was used for the rim and I shaved this down on the shave horse, with Elm bark used for the stitching.

Opinel No 7 for scale.

Comments welcome, along with your stories of working with bark. Its quite time consuming gathering and working with bark, but very satisfying when things work out.