Saturday, 8 September 2012

Kolrosed and painted spoons

Finally managed to find a couple of hours this afternoon to have a go at these two techniques of adding some decoration, to a few spoons that I made in August.

I did a little basic chip carving on the painted ones, but I was surprised how defined the kolrosing was without removing wood. Its good fun adding the oil to the powder and see what is revealed.

I wanted to develop a style, so I'm using British native trees, using winter twig, leaf, cone and catkin with an Ogham symbol of the tree. With the exception of the Holly one, the woods of the spoons match the tree symbols

This is my makers mark from now on with wood and leather.
 I'll stick with my old "A" stamp and 3 dots on the corners when working in metal, as I like the recycling theme, but I'd like to get one made the same as this one soon.

Hope you like my first efforts.