Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Elvaston Castle Woodland Festival 2012

A little late, but I thought I would post up some pictures of the event which I helped to set up and also demonstrated at. Derbyshire County council have been putting on this weekend event for around 12 Years now at various locations throughout the county but this site is proving the most popular with visitors and demonstrators.

Some of the top Crafts people from around the country come to the show and there is a lot of very interseting things to see and do over the weekend. I very much enjoy working there.

My set up for the weekend demonstrating bowl carving, baskets, containers, and spoons.

Some of my wares

Barn the spoon

Robin Wood bowl turning

Alistair enjoying himself while hurdle making : )

Lovely buckets

Owen the swill basket maker

Andrew frosts work on the recently fallen Oak tree in the paddock.

Our Camp kitchen for the weekend giving out free samples of various bread, soups, and puddings.

This is the wooden roadworkers caravan Ive been helping to restore, just needs some green top coat and some tidying up inside. The small windy smithy stove works a treat especially with the insulation between the new timber walls. I had a bit of a job getting the old girl into the woods with the landy.

I met some great folks as ever, and there was a really positive atmosphere through the whole event.