Saturday, 13 October 2012

Hunting for Sloes and sloe gin recipie

Its been a terrible autumn for wild fruit with the weather we had in spring ruining the flowers and restricting pollinators. I've been on the hunt for the usual hedgerow produce, and after a walk around the village with my Son recently, we finally found some sloes after the usual foraging grounds were barren. After row upon row without joy when we came across those with berries, they were laden.

No fancy handmade basket was to hand on this occasion,  but a quick look through the depths of the pushchair and a spare warm hat was found, which was promptly filled. My lad nodded off at this point, the excitement being too much : )

Two bottles of sloe gin have since been made.

My recipe had to be slightly changed this year due to the reduction in sloes , so I've gone with this for now.

1 Litre of Gin
600 g of sloes
300g of sugar

Two 1 Litre bottles, take each half of this mix well with room for everything and and some spare to enable the mix to be turned on its head now and then.

Thing is, do I crack at Christmas, as its much nicer with an extra year to develop.