Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Svord peasant knife rebuild - Yew handle

After reading Stewart Lights Blog entries about his project, I thought I'd give this rebuild a go as I've always liked these type of knives. I've made friction folding knives in the past, but I fancied using the Svord blade as I like the shape and its a nice simple project to do in-between other jobs.

Hopefully you get the idea of the process from the pictures I took during the build. I make my own scales most of the time as it costs me nothing other than time, and its been good doing a spot of knife work again as I've been busy with other projects of late. I prefer to be out and about these days when I get some spare time, particularly in the Autumn season, and I think this knife will be the perfect bushcrafting companion.

Designing the new handle in the open and closed positions

Splitting out the Yew logs for the scales

Axed and planed flat and to rough thickness

Shaped the scales by knife, pins drilled, knife in position and leather spacer for the rear attached

A spot of carving, sanding and a dunk in Raw linseed oil, and there she is!

I re-ground the edge to get rid of most of the horrible secondary bevel so it will work better in wood.

The handle is very comfortable, I just need to make a leather dangler pouch for it now, and we're off to the woods! Hope you like and fancy giving this a go. It's easy and you get a UK legal carry knife with a bit of character.