Tuesday, 6 November 2012

An Autumnal walk, badger watching and sign

During another recent walk, I took along a camera and snapped away at some of the sights along the way. Some are from the phone so please excuse the quality. I got so carried away on one occasion that it started to drop dark, so I phoned home for a pass out, as it was the perfect time to settle down and watch the badgers come out to play.

Mature Sweet Chestnut stems twisting away.

Badger Hair on one of many trails leading to several sets.

The log they duck under on the trail. The flattened newly fallen leaves are a give away to activity.

Young Fly Agaric. This was also on the badger trail, and when I revisited a week later to see how it was developing, it had been pushed over. There were several other interesting species of fungi which I will post on soon, now I'm close to the Identification of them.

Just a few Sloes on the bushes, but plenty of Rose Hips and Hawthorn Berries.

The Emerdale Farm shot. "Should I stay, or should I go"

I stayed, and watched the badgers. There were 5 of them who snuffled about in the new leaf litter close to their set entrances for around 30 mins, then one by one in single file they emerged right in front of me as they went out on patrol into the rest of the wood.

The full  moon came up shortly after so I headed back home but just before I did, I heard a noise of approching footsteps. I stayed very still and quiet and they grew louder heading staright to the tree I was leaning against. As the badger (I hope!) reached the tree he must of had a wiff of woodsman and took off like a shot. Then a while later he did exactly the same again. Strange when you cant see them but probably more exciting. I love staying out like this and it was far more entertaining on a Saturday night than most things going off in the area.