Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Fungus Identification

I've been practising fungal ID recently, some I'm much more familiar with such as tree decay fungal brackets, but less so with the rest. I always try to learn several more each year as I come across them.
Here are some pictures of a few I'm quite sure about, I wanted to be positive on at least one, particularly as I wanted to eat a new one, so I did some further work on the Wood Blewit, which I'll post about next time.

Ganoderma adspersum
Great for making Amadou. Forget about horses hoof fungus if you find this fellow. Much more trauma layer and easier to process. It goes up a treat.

Grifola frondosa
This had been kicked off the buttress root sby a previous passer by. Its an Oak stump which this fungus likes. It's supposed to be a very popular and expensive herbal medicine. I often find this on other Oaks during my inspection work with trees.

Mycena sps - Wax caps 
Still unsure about the species on this one but i think its a common type associated with hardwood dead stumps.

Russula ochroleuca - CommanYellow Brittlegill 
I really like coming across these. The badgers and dogs normally knock them over in the local woods. There weren't many about this year but now I know where they are I'll be back next year when hopefully there will be a few more.

Lepista nuda -Wood Blewit
First time I've found these on my own and they love a secluded spot. They like to pop up later in the season and have done well since the first two frosts this year. They smell and look really nice. Looking forward to cooking some larger ones I found this week.

Clitocype nebularis - Clouded funnel 
Not as many around this year and they really like the old railway embankments. Shame there not recommended for eating in most of the books.

Anyway, I hope that was of interest to folks. Feel free to comment, correct, or chat about your finds this year.

Paul : )