Saturday, 24 November 2012

Identifying and eating Wood Blewits

Finally scored some of these locally on the last walk growing under Holly, so I made sure I had a positive ID using 3 separate books including Rodger Phillips Mushrooms, checked the gill type which were crowded and sinuate, and the colours, shape and size of the other parts.

Just to make sure I did a spore print which turned out to be rather impressive. Younger specimens were lilac coloured and the older larger ones were starting to become beige, so no rusty brown spores which could have made them Cortinarius fungi.

Last of the Autumn colour before the recent storms.

Spore Prints

After all the hard work Identifying them, I thought it only proper to eat them. 
They smelt and tasted gorgeous, simply sautéed in the pan with some Butter, Oil, garlic, salt, pepper and served on buttered toast. Yummy : ) 

John Wrights Book on Mushrooms in the River Cottage handbook series was great for additional information on ID, background information and recipes. Very funny too in places.