Monday, 22 April 2013

Woodland skills and cookery course - Elvaston Castle Country Park

I had great fun teaching on this course I helped put together for the folks on this great site. We used an area of mixed species woodland with plenty of resources for bushcraft and woodcrafts.
The main subjects taught were knife skills, firelighting, cooking over fires, cleaving and pole lathe turning, willow weaving and coppicing with many other skills discussed and demonstrated.

We all had a wonderful day and the weather was as good as it ever gets, which really made the experience for the clients as well as the instructors.

A few pictures of the day.

With the site all ready and the sun shining it was time to light the fire and brew up

The students arrive and head over to the kitchen

Tools of the trade

Straight into the knife and fire sessions

My knees taking a pounding as ever

Not bad for a first attempt.

A spot of lunch, with freshly made soups, breads, and puddings

Shiny new kit to play with. The frontier stove and Kirtley Kettles

No wind, no rain, sun out, and neither hot nor cold..

...and tinder dry materials mixed with new spring growth.

The afternoon spent willow weaving... woodworking, (Rob looking confused, but turned like a pro)

and obtaining the raw materials.

The benefits of a dry day left the parachute shelter a quiet spot.

Then it was time to say farewell, pack it all up, and head home.