Friday, 23 August 2013

Fire by friction - On the day

Today was a visit to the woods to practice some skills and enjoy the season. I like this time of year as the heat of Summer gives way to a hint of Autumn.

I wanted to make fire by friction with the materials found in the wood, and on its boundary where there is more light and different plants (except the cord as that's for another post). Its good to get away from perfect conditions and test yourself, especially if teaching the subject.

I  needed to practice some more with hunting weapons so I had a go with throwing sticks, and as spoons have taken hold again, I made a spoon without axe or crooked knife.

On the hunt for bow drill parts.
Dead Willow branch for the spindle.
Bonus find as I was hacking my way through the swampy willow area, was a Cherry plum tree.
I'm very chuffed with this find.
A nice thicker section for the hearth. This, I can tell you took some finding!
Nettles, Brambles and fallen trees, It was more like the rainforest down there.
Hacking through the Jungle
All the parts Gathered. Willow for drill and hearth (There's two of each just in case one is punky or not fully seasoned. I always get at least two). Rhododendron (green) for the bearing block and a seasoned bent stick for the bow. 
All carved and ready to rock! Cheap braided polyester for the cord. More than strong enough.
Preparation for the kindling.
Match stick, Pencil and Thumb thick and some thicker wood for main fuel.
Tinders which are combined into a tinder bundle.
Grass, Bracken, and Cleavers with a spot of Thistle to grow that ember.
I spun the set together, burnt in the hole and then after carving the notch, went for it.
YES, FIRST TIME! I still get a buzz out of this after nine years of playing.
Still got to turn it into flame yet, so calm down Adamson! The tinder was gathered first thing as I got into the wood as habit, stuffed into a cargo pocket and dried a little more.
Some days you have a good day.
I thought it apt to celebrate by brewing fresh coffee, Cowboy style. 

Contented Woodsman