Saturday, 17 August 2013

Spoon carving course at Elvaston Castle Country Park

I've had an excellent day today teaching Axe and Knife use to Five great students, and we even managed some spoons. We went through all the usual safe working techniques, increasing the skill level throughout the day to progress to spoon making. They were a joy to teach and made some lovely cooking spoons which for first attempts were spot on. They all left eager to wait for them to dry and carry on the fine whittling.

Nice facing up Ian

Helen chopping out the handle sides

In the Zone

Noel slopped off and knocked this up with a Husqvarna,
to act as a deterrent for unsafe tool use :)
Good Chest Lever from Charles
Chris working like a pro, he made an amazing serving spoon complete with hook
Thumb push Alice
Spoon Alley 
I managed a couple of rough outs in between.

A cracking day, and looking forward to the next one.