Sunday, 29 September 2013

Bushcraft Practice - Part 2

Carrying on from Part 1, I decided it was time to eat some of the countryside!
Now that I had got to know my way around and had seen some interesting resources, I set off with my hardened digging stick, and billy can

These blackberry's were particularly sweet, and the brambles had given me another idea too...

The badgers have a tough time digging as there is hardly any soil on this chalk and flint ground. It dosent seem to stop them and just shows you how strong they are.

Feeling humbled by the badgers, I thought I'd dig up a Burdock root in this chalky ground.
I picked an area of ground just off one of the tracks through the wood thinking it would be easyier, that the track surface. 

It's hard work wherever you do it! Loads of calories in the root though, so there was a gain.

Silverweed. These tiny little tubers are much easier to gather, but to gather plenty takes about the same amount of time as digging up a large burdock root. I think they taste nicer though, especially when cooked.

Only company for that last couple of days was the military, using me as a target. Must have stuck out like a sore thumb on the heat cameras.

Back for a break, and brewed a spruce tea.

I kept finding the Hazelnuts on the floor. I assumed they were nibbled off early by the grey Squirrels, but though I'd give them a whirl anyhow.

Roasted in a scrape under the fire within the Ashes, they revealed empty shells or very undeveloped nuts. Shame, as I eat them most days at home and they are a great source of fat in the wild.

          Later on as it got dark, I prepared and boiled up the roots gathered. Very nice they were too
Then I setted down for the night in the debris shelter. I had a great nights sleep compared to other blanket camps using large fires. The reflector really worked well, It rained in the night, but not as heavily as the previous one, and all was well.