Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Spoon carving demonstration and my Painted Wooden Cooking Spoons

I recently demonstrated Wooden spoon carving with Axe and Knife, at the 2013 Chatsworth Country Fair. It was part of a larger green-woodworking, Flint Knapping and Countryside promotional event for Derbyshire County Councils Countryside Service.

We even got judged, and won the best educational stand!

Quiet moments and some whittling while the coffee gets to work.

Most folks were interested me axing out the blanks for the spoons.
It was a good opportunity to interest folks in carving and promote courses and other greenwoodworking events such as the one I've been helping out on for several years. The Elvaston Castle woodland Festival.

John and Val Lord were with us again, promoting flint knapping and Creswell Crags visitor centre.
Its great being able to work with such lovely and skilled people. They are hoping to make the festival too.

I really like this simple design of cooking spoon I've been working on designing. They are made from Cherry and work really well in the pan, food, and hand. Nothing all that revolutionary about the design, but getting the angles, bowls and handles to work well and then replicate several times is quite rewarding. 

Once a few more were made, dried and finished I made up some home made egg tempera paint using natural ochre pigments, and set too jazzing up the handles. 

If you like them , pop along to a show and have a fondle!