Saturday, 12 October 2013

Hawthorn and Crab Apple Fruit Leather - Recipe

Fruit leathers are an alternative to jams and jellies, when wanting to preserve a glut of fruit. They are really tasty and great trail food too, lasting up to a year without the need for a heavy container.

You can make them without cooking up your fruit if its just the haws being used, by just mashing them all up with your hands and a small amount of water, then separating out the pips and most of the skins.
But this time I thought I would add in the crab (and 100g of elderberries to make up the weight of fruit needed) and follow the recipe below by Pam Corbin, explained in "Hedgerow" by John Wright.

500g of chopped crab apples
500g of Hawthorn berries
100ml Water


- Stew for 20 minutes
- Push mixture through a sieve, into a saucepan.
- Add 150g sugar, heat the mixture stirring until the sugar dissolves.
- Spread the fruit purée thinly onto baking sheets lined with parchment paper, and place in a low oven 50-60    deg C for 12-18 hrs. until dry and leathery.

You can roll up the leather in a clean piece of parchment paper and twist the ends of paper like a sausage, for storing up to a year if properly dried.

I tend to eat mine through the weeks after making it simply storing cut up sections in the fridge, then transferring to a small container when off camping.

Fruit purée on the left and pips, cores and skins on the right.

Dried and ready to go. 
This batch has a lovely sharp taste from the crab mixed with sweetness from the other ingredients.