Saturday, 12 October 2013

Wild food harvest - Rowan and Crab Apple Jelly

The trees, bushes and woodland floor have all been groaning with seasonal food recently, so I decided to grab some while I had the chance. The baskets and containers helped to sort out the different sorts before preparing into various goodies. Ive used these containers before for gathering, and the bramble basket is great, but you cant beat an old army canvas respirator bag around the neck. It keeps your hands free and the stiffer bag, helps when throwing in the food.

The first thing of many I thought I would make this year was Rowan and Crab Apple Jelly.
I used, as is often the case, a recipe by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall. There's no point me rewriting it as its just fine as it is, so click on the link for the info :) Recipe

I scaled down the ingredients as I just wanted to try out one jars worth for a bit of practice this time round.

Its a really simple recipe to follow, and the fruit is easy to gather.

I think this might go down well with the haul of venison and game I have at the moment.