Saturday, 30 November 2013

Kolrosed and chip carved wooden eating spoons

I decided to spend some time making a few more decorated spoons recently. I really like the simple (and not so simple) geometric designs from the Sami areas of the Nordic countries, and decided to draw heavily on them but try to make up a few different arrangements.

It all started a few years ago experimenting using diagonal lines and letters. Then after seeing the wonderful work by Wille and Jogge Sundqvist I began to understand the patterns and how to make them a little more. Shortly after this I met a great woodcarver called Jan Harm ter Brugge who via a short but very well presented workshop at Spoonfest (in the UK) in 2013 explained all the different ways to decorate spoons by cutting the designs with a knife. 

I was hooked and had all the knowledge to get started, so I made this when I got home using a bent section of Rhododendron. Its almost a copy of one of Jan Harms spoons.

Then I made a few more using Birch, Cherry and Ash, and tried a few more designs using images I had seen on Sami craft work. 

A month ago I was demonstrating spoon carving at a public event and tried to be consistent with my eating spoon making. These are all made from Ash as there was a spare log going near the pole lathe turner. Normally a bit on the tough side for carving spoons, but they show up the designs well as a contrast.

So I made a few more!
The staining is Coffee, Cinnamon, and Paprika

So far they have all been made and decorated using an Erik Frost 106 sloyd knife. I just use the tip of the knife and hold it like a pen. You really don't need another special knife to decorate with, but there are some about and I guess there a little safer for some folks. Its nice to know you can do it all with one knife, which is great when on camping trips.

Hope you like them and feel free to comment about designs your working on.