Sunday, 1 June 2014

Hand cranked mincer - Venison Burgers

Just acquired a hand cranked mincer, perfect for burgers, pasta dishes, and sausages.
After a spot of success making bunny burgers I thought I would purchase my own hand mincer and forage through the freezer. Its BBQ season so I got busy in the kitchen for a gathering of a few friends and family.

For this batch I used :-

One haunch of venison
A packet of smoky bacon
Several small Onions and cloves of garlic
2 Apples
Salt, Pepper, Paprika, basil, thyme to taste

It made 24 x 1/4lb (100 ish grams) burgers

All chopped up and ready to go through a shiny new mincer

A few calories later, and a good batch of mince.

Layering up the burgers with parchment in a container, ready to put in the fridge and let the flavours infuse overnight, before unleashing over the coals.

A couple of samples fried up for tea, and a big hit with my daughter :)