Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Hunter Gatherer challenge - Part Three

Bow hunting day! Will it work?

Dinner time! :)
That hinge stayed like that all the way through the session but snapped on the next shot after this picture, but the bow delivered 12 fast arrows with a few hitting Bambi. 
The bow felt around 30lbs draw weight and took about two hours easy work to make. Im going to improve the design so it wont break next time.. Ive a lot of work to do on archery skills to become anyway near good at 20 yards.

My water routine. Millbank bag, followed by boiling. Simple and effective.

After the excitement of the archery, I settled down to another stew and made a quick spoon while it cooked, using a piece of Hazel cut from the fire reflector. Burnt out the bowl with embers and hot air. Well there was no one else to talk to!

Spoonage. Half cooking half eating. As with all bushcraft kit, a jack of all trades.

I then made a few digging sticks and a walking stick for my ever increasing collection. I had an area for these, and it was like a coat rack, stick/hat stand in a house and it made the place feel like home. I have to say I was ready to go further afield by now. I got them hardened off in the fire and went out for a four hour solo foraging walk all the time getting a little higher as I munched my way through  most of Wiltshire's last crop of blackberries. Bevis would of been proud of my great cornholio impression around an hour later.

Pretty things stand out after a while in the woods

Fir needles for tea. They smelt amazing. My scenes and myself were really in the zone now. I was very happy and enjoying the experience very much. 

After finally finding a Beech tree in full mast and grabbing a pocket full, I finally found the site of my goal. A rare beast to track down and a good walk away, the Burdock. Check it out, the root was huge, and full of Carbohydrate. Shouting "Panama, TP and bunghole" loudly as I dug tripping on natural sugurs, I soon had the sucker out of the ground.

Then it rained like stair rods for 45 minutes, again, but I was rewarded with this on the way back to camp. To say I was cheerful was an understatement. There was the thought of a ful belly to look forward to after a top day.

This evening sir, we have sliced oak smoked cured venison haunch, with fresh nettle tops, sliced burdock root, in an elderberry sauce.

I dribbled a bit at this stage

While it was cooking I had an ember roasted nut starter helped down with some hawthorn berries (pips removed of course)
I ended up roasting some of the burdock on the embers, which sweetened them greatly. I was almost in Parsnip territory here. 

Early the following morning I went for a walk, and watched this chap go down...

...and this one pop up. 

I walked out with my buddies after dismantling the shelter and putting out the fire, back to the main camp area to join the others for tea and medals. What a most excellent adventure!