Saturday, 29 November 2014

Latest carved bowls

Back into bowl carving at the mo, and these below are to help the students on next years courses understand them a little better.

First up is an up-swept Oak bowl. This was hard work on the hands and tools, but I'm so glad I finished it. I love the grain and colour.

Next is a flat topped Birch bowl, painted with homemade milk paint containing Ochre pigments.

I also finished it with some homemade wax (beeswax and linseed oil blend)

Then I decided to go down the figure carving route, my first foray into this addictive world!
This is supposed to be a Moorhen :) and its made from Birch again with milk paint. These chaps, the Coots and Dapchicks were constantly swimming past during  the last spoon demonstration, so I went with one of these instead of the other ducks.

Makers mark on the bowl bottoms

I'm really pleased with these and its inspired me to make many more. 
I hope the students next year feel the same.