Sunday, 27 February 2011

Welcome :)

Hi and welcome to my blog.
My name is Paul Adamson and I enjoy practising bushcraft on regular basis. Its such a huge subject so there's plenty to keep me going. I've always enjoyed the outdoors, and I am lucky enough to often be working in the canopies of large trees,inspecting trees for safety and helping with woodland management works.

When I find the time I practice, demonstrate and share skills with the public to make life comfortable and enjoyable in the countryside, with minimal kit, employing many traditional methods.

If not out camping I like to carve items at home using native woods saved from the firewood pile or chipper, such as eating utensils, knives, bark containers, and other tools and gadgets.

 I try to use just a few basic tools to do this and sometimes use conventional greenwood working equipment for larger more numerous projects.

Forging steel blades, particularly Scandinavian style stick tang blades has been my more recent passion.

I'll be posting up trips out, skills practised and projects made each week, so I hope you return to learn, add comments and that you enjoy your visits here.

Thanks, Paul. :)